Criticized Wilshere, Wenger Give Support

Criticized Wilshere, Wenger Give Support

Criticized Wilshere, Wenger Give Support

London Jack Wilshere recently gained criticism for being unable to fulfill its potential. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger give full support to their students was to silence critics.

Wilshere is predicted to be one of the best British talent when he made ​​his debut as the youngest player in the league at the age of 16 years, 256 days. However, the main enemy Wilshere injury in developing his game.

When the performance is still not as expected, Wilshere should be back seized with criticism because of his behavior off the field. Already two times he was caught smoking and Wenger should give him rebuke.

Wilshere return has been criticized for appearing less impressive when the Gunners beat Crystal Palace 2-1 in the first week of the Premier League 2014-15. Wilshere was asked not ignore the skewed opinion and focus on his own game.

He (Wilshere) the failure of the British to pay for not winning the World Cup,” Wenger pointing as reported by the Telegraph. Earlier, he was in a position Calum Chambers, then when you are 22 years of age, the level of expectations pinned to you.”

Rooney has been through it, now turn Wilshere. Today I believe he does not have to respond to criticism but rather focus on the game alone. I have spoken to him and said that the target is able to play in all season.”

If Wilshere can keep fit, he obviously would have a great career. Currently, I believe he just had to focus on it – keep fit, and increase physical appeared. Remainder will come alone. I think he’s in the lane where he should be, added Wenger.

He is not far from the expectations of the people against him at the age of 18 years., But he was not much of it because he had an injury, not because he does not practice seriously.