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Defeat Manchester United, MK Dons manager: It’s Shocking and Ridiculous

Defeat Manchester United, MK Dons manager: It's Shocking and Ridiculous

Defeat Manchester United, MK Dons manager: It’s Shocking and Ridiculous

Surely no one expected Manchester United would be a crushing 0-4 defeat of Premier League team third tier Milton Keynes Dons. Even MK Dons manager Karl Robinson himself though, which assesses the results are ridiculous.

MU started gait in the English League Cup in the second round, where they travel to MK Dons marks, Wednesday (27/08/2014) pm dawn. Facing the League One team aka the league’s third tier, the ‘Red Devilsclear underdog going to swing with ease.

But in fact the result of another talk, MU actually flushed four goals without reply by the opponent. This result was unexpected many people, even the unexpected at all by Robinson.

Despite MU does not appear with the best power and lower number of young players, but Robinson’s feasible to assess the players are given credit for the hard work has been shown throughout the game.

I was a little surprised to come out of the field and see the score board.’s Ridiculous, this is a proof where dreams are created for these players. Our hard work here and you‘ve seen a young team full of energy,” said Robinson told Sky Sports.

They have a superstar on the team and they are a team who are in the public eye every day, not for us. So, always easy to pick up on the negative side than judging someone on the other side of positive things,” he continued.

I think my players deserve enormous credit tonight, also with this club, and Milton Keynes Dons. This is a game for Milton Keynes as a city,” said he.

Also experienced a sense of mistrust MK Dons captain Dean Lewington. With this victory, he hopes his team more and more and getting a lot of support.

It’s great. Chances (face MU) is fantastic and then beat them. I feel insecure. Hopefully by playing well, it will make the people to return to the stadium and watch us,” said Lewington.