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Pellegrini: Hopefully Yaya Toure Shown As Previous seasons

Pellegrini: Hopefully Yaya Toure Shown As Previous seasons

Pellegrini: Hopefully Yaya Toure Shown As Previous seasons

Manchester Yaya Toure last season played a major role in Manchester City drove to the Premier League ladder. Performance is expected to be repeated by the Ivory Coast players this season.

Yaya made ​​a total of 24 goals last season with 20 printed in the Premier League which makes it the third top scorer in the league under Luis Suarez and Liverpool duo Daniel Sturridge.

Yaya so protagonista for the team at the time of David Silva, Sergio Aguero or less than the maximum performances are often menderanya injury. You could say he had a very important role in the presence of two trophies, the Premier League and League Cup in the first season the team coach Manuel Pellegrini.

City itself was worried when the season is over, the future for the club is rumored alpha Yaya say happy birthday to the 31-year-old football player and make the player feel appreciated.

But now the problem is gone, and Yaya Toure and his associates will face a new season, a season in which City will be challenged to defend their league championship title.

Thus it was hoped many Yaya Pellegrini could appear trengginas last season with individual actions and goals of his head or his feet.

I’ve spoken with Yaya and she was very excited. I do not know what happened this summer,” Pellegrini said as quoted by the Mirror.

There are those who talk about his condition at this club, but right now is he does not have any problems at all. Thing yesterday is gone and it does not matter anymore,” said Pellegrini.

Obviously he’s very important to us and I hope Yaya can repeat their performance of last season.”