Sell ​​Balotelli, Milan Plan What?

Sell ​​Balotelli, Milan Plan What?

Sell ​​Balotelli, Milan Plan What?

Jakarta Nothing too special about the appearance of Mario Balotelli at AC Milan last season. But the decision to sell Liverpool to make a Super Mario Rossoneri threatened increasingly losing its competitive edge in Serie A. Blunder?

There Balotelli made ​​14 goals in Serie A last season. The amount is definitely not bad, especially considering Milan in the middle of the graph decreases, which in turn could only finish in the top eight.

But Milanisti around the world have higher expectations on Balotelli. They want Balotelli scored more goals, as happened in the first six months in Milan uniform. When new imported from Manchester City in the winter of 2012, Balotelli made ​​12 goals from 13 games the second half of the competition.

In Milan condition is very low and needs to encompass much of the figure of goal, Balotelli often assessed lazy. He is often seen as a reluctant and lacking fighting spirit on the pitch.

However, removing Balotelli could be a big blunder for Milan. Super Mario that the player with the best skills and most talented in Milan. Since its debut in the uniform of the RedBlack in January 2013, Balotelli became the player who scored the most goals in Serie A (26). In the same period, in the Premier League just Daniel Sturridge (30) and Luis Suarez (37) who scored more goals than Balotelli.

Even when Balotelli still be in the squad, Milan have a lot of teamgap with other top teams. Gap is now greater after Balotelli go.

Economic considerations suspected to base decisions Italian international striker Milan remove it. Moreover Diavolo Rosso in recent years have a habit of selling players worth selling the highest they’ve got. Andriy Shevchenko started the trend, which is then followed by Thiago Silva, Zlatan Ibrahimovic plus.