Conte Appreciation Celebration Goal Florenzi

Conte Appreciation Celebration Goal Florenzi

Rome Italy national team coach Antonio Conte appreciate the goal celebration AS Roma player Alessandro Florenzi and even gave him permission to do a similar celebration with Gli Azzurri.

A special goal celebrations performed Florenzi after Cagliari goalkeeper in Roma‘s 2-0 win in Serie A party on Sunday (09/21/2014) evening hrs.

After scoring a goal, 23-year-old quarterback ran toward the stands, jump over the fence, then climb the stairs to go to one of the rows of seats.

Florenzi then approached and embraced a middle-aged woman, who turns out to be his grandmother. Female 82 years old it looks pretty touched, let alone that the first time he came to the stadium.

It is a beautiful act,” said Conte told Rai Sport quoted by the Italian Football.

I’ve never had the opportunity to meet with Alessandro, he is a sincere young man and full of healthy sentiment. I myself have never made ​​act like that because I was too little to make a goal! Was still a nice gesture to be appreciated,” he said.

Due to the celebration of Florenzi did get a yellow card. But Conte still give permission to the footballer with five caps in the national team to repeat if fetched goal for Italy, although it remains to be seesee situation.

And if he played for Italy? If he made ​​a goal in Italy and he has not been uniform yellow-carded, then yes, I would give him permission,” said Conte.