Rodgers not Want Too memforsir Sterling

Rodgers not Want Too memforsir Sterling

Liverpool Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers knows that Raheem Sterling so dependable team this season. But that does not mean Rodgers will continue memforsir Sterling because he also needed a break.

After the death of Luis Suarez, Liverpool is like losing sharpness. Thus the Sterling with the speed and instincts to make his goal very reliable when Mario Balotelli has not been too sharp and Daniel Sturridge is still struggling with injury.

Sterling was the only Liverpool player who always played this season, only once he appeared as a substitute against Aston Villa. Total has made ​​three goals in the Premier League.

Of Sterling so relied upon by Liverpool in order to boost team performance is still less okay today. But Rodgers did not want to treat Sterling like that because after all players 19 years it will definitely reach saturation point as well.

Therefore Rodgers tried to will rotate Sterling in order to keep his condition in order to stay fit da the best performance.

We obviously are aware of it. Actually it’s easy to disprove that notion by saying he was 19 years old and can play every week.” But not like that, Rodgers said on Sky Sports.

There will be times where he will be rested. And obviously when you give them a break because you have to plan something in the future, you should avoid the reason for lowering the wrong team,” he continued.

He is a talented player. Trick is to maintain and continue to try, as well as understand the desire of all the best players to continue playing. And he clearly would look quite a lot this season.