Van Ginkel: Not Too Serious injury was

Van Ginkel: Not Too Serious injury was

Milan Marco van Ginkel injury shortly after joining AC Milan. Van Ginkel stated that the injury is not too serious and will heal within a few weeks.

Van Ginkel get an ankle injury in the Serie A match against Empoli, Tuesday (09/23/2014) ago. He pulled out when the game has been running for half an hour. In fact, that’s the first appearance in a Milan uniform Van Ginkel.

From the description of the club, Van Ginkel suffered an ankle ligament injury to his right leg. Injuries such as this usually takes about a month of recovery.

“At first I tried to keep playing, but it seems there is something wrong,” said Van Ginkel told the Daily Star.

Fortunately the injury was not too bad and I hope to be back in a few weeks,” added the Dutch midfielder.

Van Ginkel is one of the players who were recruited Milan in the summer transfer market. He borrowed from Chelsea for a season.

AC Milan have long wanted and did everything to recruit me,” Van Ginkel said in an interview with Milan Channel.

For a player, it is nice to know. We play with two attacking midfielders and one defensive midfielder. Thought I was attacking midfielder,” he said.

I think Italian football suits me. Milan is a great club even though we did not play in the Champions League this season,” said 21-year-old players.