Pazzini: I Can Play Together Torres

Pazzini: I Can Play Together Torres

Milan AC Milan striker Giampaolo Pazzini, asserted that he could duet with Fernando Torres up front. He also dismissed suggestions he is optimal if played as a substitute.

With the Rossoneri this season, a new Pazzini played three times. In three games, he started the game off the bench.

Pazzini has not shown the contribution for Milan this season. He recently performed for 38 minutes, still have not recorded a goal and assist.

In the three games played, only once Pazzini Torres play together. Two remaining played as a substitute Torres.

When played together in the match against Juventus on 20 September, Pazzini and Torres are both appearing not optimal.

Pazzini only do two touches while playing about seven minutes. Meanwhile, Torres only touched the ball four times.

Problem was, Pazzini has comments. He confirmed to pair with Torres.

A lot of people say that I’m good when appearing from the bench and I’m practicing to be ready, even if I want to step onto the pitch in the starting XI,” Pazzini said on Football Italia.

Torres? We can play together because when you talk about players who are smart and talented, everything is possible,” he added.