Shown Impressive Against QPR, Sterling Flood Praise

Shown Impressive Against QPR, Sterling Flood Praise

London Participate in the creation of a huge own goal victory Liverpool, Raheem Sterling accolades from the coaches and captains of Liverpool.

Come to Loftus Road, home of Queens Park Rangers on Sunday night (19/10) local time, both the Reds and an equally strong play QPR 2-2 until the 93rd minute.

When leaving the last minute of injury time, Sterling intends to release the bait horizontally to Mario Balotelli in the penalty box. However, the ball hit the foot even Steven Caulker and into the goal itself. Liverpool won 2-3.

Although assessing the lucky win, coach Brendan Rodgers does not rule out the role and contribution of the 19-year player throughout the game.

Raheem Sterling extraordinary in speed and determination. Overall, we were lucky,” the 41-year-old coach told the BBC.

Although only scored three goals in six games that have been played, Steven Gerrard admits Sterling has a vital role, especially when his team needed breaking the deadlock.

Furthermore, Gerrard saw Sterling has great potential to be the best player in the Premier League and European scene.

I think Raheem Sterling remarkable. From the standpoint of the media and the public, you should support these young players because he will be the best player in England,” said the former England captain.

With the win, the position of Liverpool boosted to number five with packing points 13. [yob]