Backward requested by Most Supporters Arsenal, Wenger Reluctant Commenting

Backward requested by Most Supporters Arsenal, Wenger Reluctant Commenting

West Bromwich Arsenal performance up and down makes Arsene Wenger is in sharp focus. However, Wenger chose to ignore the criticism directed at him.

Before the win over Borussia Dortmund and West Bromwich Albion, Arsenal swallowed two-game losing streak of Swansea City and Manchester United. With only 17 points from 12 matches, Arsenal recorded the worst start in all its participation in the Premier League.

Wenger became the target of criticism. Not only because of the negative results in the last few games, but also because of the failure of Arsenal in competing in track champion. Most fans judge it is time for Wenger resigned as manager of the Gunners.

When Arsenal won 1-0 at West Bromwich Albion headquarters, Saturday (11/29/2014), a group of fans unfurled a banner that contains a request for Wenger retreat. Red banner that reads ‘Arsene, thanks for the memories but it’s time to say goodbye(Arsene, thanks for the memories. But it‘s time to give goodbye).

Problem banners, Wenger refused to comment.

I do not want to comment on it. I try to do my best for the club that I love,” Wenger said as quoted by the BBC.

We are very solid with the players and staff in the team, that’s what you can do,” said the Arsenal manager who has coached for 18 years.

It’s easier to deal with when climbing than the period of decline, but you can not be a manager and only in one side only,” he said.

Thanks to victory over West Bromwich, Arsenal is currently ranked six standings with 20 points from 13 matches. They left behind 13 points from Chelsea in the top of the standings.