Balanced Napoli 3-3 Cagliari

Balanced Napoli 3-3 Cagliari

Naples Napoli should be satisfied with the achievement of the points of the match against Cagliari in Serie A. Coming giornata 12 two-goal lead, Partenopei finally arrested his guest with a score of 3-3.

Face Cagliari at the San Paolo, Sunday (11/23/2014), Napoli opened the scoring in the 11th minute with a goal by Gonzalo Higuain. Starting from a throw-in, Higuain ran dribbling through the penalty box Cagliari. He later with a cool beat goalkeeper Alessio Cragno.

Napoli doubled the lead when the game half an hour old. Gokhan Inler’s long-range shot could not reach and penetrate Cragno Cagliari goalkeeper.

But, Cagliari did not give up. The visitors minimize dropping to 1-2 in the 38th minute when kicking Napoli goalkeeper Victor Ibarbo tore escorted by Rafael.

Two minutes into the second half, the score changed to equally strong 2-2. Cagliari equalized through a header from close range Diego Farias.

Entering the 62nd minute, Napoli regained the lead thanks to goals from Jonathan De Guzman. Heading De Guzman continue crossing Christian Maggio from the right side Cagliari thrilling goal.

However, Napoli advantage did not last long. Five minutes later, Cagliari, leveled the score after Farias re-listed his name on the scoreboard.

In the remaining time, the team was able to score extra. They had to be content with the score at 3-3.

These results did not change the position of Napoli in third place in Serie A with 22 points, nine points adrift of Juventus and six points from AS Roma. Cagliari ranked 16th with 11 points.

Napoli: Rafael; Maggio, Henrique, Koulibaly, Ghoulam; Gargano, Inler (David Lopez 63 ); Callejon, Hamsik, De Guzman (Britos 82 ); Higuain

Cagliari: Cragno; Balzano, Ceppitelli, Rossettini, Pisano (Capuano 83 ); Dessena (Donsah 77 ), Crisetig, Ekdal; Ibarbo (Caio 90 ), Farias, Cossu