CSKA midfielder Praise Defense Rome

CSKA midfielder Praise Defense Rome

MOSCOW CSKA Moscow midfielder Roman Eremenko assess Roma survive very well, when faced with their teams, in the fifth match of the Champions League Group E, at Arena Khimki, Khimki, Tuesday (11/25/2014). Eremenko even said he was surprised his team can win the 1-1 result, because equalizing goal position is not the result of a shot, but the bait.

CSKA left earlier due to Francesco Totti‘s free kick in the 43rd minute. They equalized through defender Vasili Berezutski, just before the long whistle sounded.

According to UEFA, throughout the game, CSKA releasing four accurate shots from 15 businesses, with 43 percent of possession. The Romans fired three shots bead of seven experiments.

We played very well in the second half and always believe we can achieve something. Scoring a goal just before the game ends is certainly unusual. Berezutski possible to cross. Our players jumped to try the ball. However, no one managed to touch the ball and the ball into the goal, said Eremenko.

Rome is a strong team and have some very good players. However, we tried to create chances and finally scored. Conceded very disappointing, especially since Rome did not create serious chances until the goal was created. However, we got up in the second half , dominate, and scored the equalizing goal position, decent we get. We always fight to the end and confident of being able to score goals.

With the draw, CSKA at the bottom of the standings with five points, the same as Manchester City and AS Roma in the third and second positions. The top of the table is populated Bayern Munich, with a value of 12. Bayern will be the last opponent CSKA.

It’s very interesting, because we keep our chances to get in the next round until the final game of the group stage,” added Eremenko.