‘Manchester United Must Improve Performance Easier To Win’

'Manchester United Must Improve Performance Easier To Win'

Manchester Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal, ask the team besutannya improve performance. Dutch Meneer inging besutannya younger team to victory.

MU often difficult for yourself while diving matches in the Premier League. Several times, the Red Devils failed to dispose of excellence to achieve full points, or even less.

One example occurred in the match against Leicester City, Manchester United had a 3-1 lead, but eventually lost with the final score 3-5.

We have to improve our style of play and beat opponents with greater ease,” said Van Gaal on Sky Sports.

Although they appear less okay, MU is now in the top four Premier League standings. Collecting 19 points –sama the figure stood at Newcastle United, they are within 13 points of Chelsea in the first position.

Although already quite happy that Manchester United are now in the top four, Van Gaal warned besutannya team not to get complacent. The position of the target of a minimum of four charged to Wayne Rooney et al.

We are still ranked fourth, so I’m happy. But, we have to be at least in the top four at the end of the season, not now,” said the manager who once worked with Barcelona and Bayern Munich.