Many Clubs Other Targeting, Pogba: I’m Happy at Juve

Many Clubs Other Targeting, Pogba: I'm Happy at Juve

Turin Since joining Juventus, Paul Pogba like finding a click’ that can not be looking at another club. Therefore, he envisioned a long career at Juventus and reluctant to move to another club.

With nice appearance for Juventus uniform, a dream to get a long career with the Bianconeri could be a difficult thing. Pogba is now rumored to be on the radar of several big clubs.

Many times, Pogba reportedly being targeted by Real Madrid, ParisSaint Germain, Chelsea, Manchester City, and former club, Manchester United. However, rumors were driven by Pogba own.

Real Madrid is a great club, but I am happy at Juve and want to continue to play well,” said Pogba as reported by Football Italia.

I hope to have a long career here. I am flattered to hear a lot of speculation like that, but I play for Juve and I am proud to be in uniform Bianconeri.”

Why Manchester United let me go? You have to ask them. I was a free agent and I chose to come here, now I am happy.”

Everyone in the locker room to treat me like a sister and I frolic with them all,” said Pogba.

In the latest game, Pogba helped Juve‘s 3-0 win over Lazio. French midfielder scored two of the three goals in the game Juve.

It was my best performance this season and I want to continue to play like that,” said Pogba.