Southampton Pick One point of Cage The Villans

Southampton Pick One point of Cage The Villans

Birmingham Southampton secera still poke the top league position until the UK runs 12 games. In the last game, the Saints drew 1-1 against Aston Villa.

In a match that took place at Villa Park on Tuesday (11/25/2014), Soton have struggled to gain a point. In the first half, they missed the 0-1 result from Gabriel Agbonlahor scored in the 24th minute.

After continuing to experiment, the team made the new Ronald Koeman equalized on 81 minutes goal was scored by Nathaniel Clyne.

Soccernet noted that Soton play a more dominant despite playing away. Ronald Koeman’s team made it perform control of the ball by 67 percent.

Additionally, Soton perform 15 times the experiment, four targeted and fruitful only one goal.

With the addition of this point, Soton still occupy two positions standings with 26 points. They were within six Anka from Chelsea in the first position.

Semenrata it, Villa only in position 16 standings with a collection of 12 points from 12 times a fight