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Communication Space Change Crucial for De Gea

Communication Space Change Crucial for De Gea

MANCHESTER Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea, reveal the development of adaptation for grazing on British soil. He claimed that the communication between the players in the dressing room has the biggest factors related performance of players.

The Spaniard was indeed look very amazing. He is often hailed as the best player of the club this season. So, many people who want to know the factors behind the superiority of performance of De Gea.

I think the thing that makes the performance increase is when you are in the dressing room. Communication is very important in the dressing room, although the communication on the field is also very important,” said De Gea as reported Squawka Football News, Sunday 28/12 / 2014).

The fact that I‘ve started to do an interview with the English language is also very helpful, it helped me to become more fluent in English.” he concluded.