Finally, Mourinho fielding Young Player of Chelsea

Finally, Mourinho fielding Young Player of Chelsea

London Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, slowly removing her image as a coach who rely on star players. Thursday morning tomorrow (12.11.14) pm, he will give young players a chance Chelsea live debut.

Ruben LoftusCheek is a 18-year-old midfielder Chelsea built academy. When Mourinho did not change his mind, he could live debut in the Champions League tomorrow morning.

I am very happy to give these children a chance. He is an England player, 18 years old, entirely Made in Chelsea. If he is successful, that’s good, said Mourinho as reported by the Daily Mail.

Throughout his career, Mourinho is known as a coach who prefers players so. In the first period the Chelsea coach, he brought a number of famous players such as Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba. Now in the second period, he brought Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas and a number of other stars.

However, the Portuguese coach insists that he does not always rely on star players.

It depends on the talent you have, I think every coach in the world wants to show young players. Sometimes you have, sometimes not, he said.

I for example can compare my first period here by now, and now the young players better quality. Much better. I’m not saying they are ready, or they do not need a period of transition with us or undergo a period of borrowing, but the quality is better. I was on the conditions that allow for it (orbit young players), he added.

51-year-old coach was assumed that each club should be able to orbit the young players. If not, he would prefer to buy players who are already mature.

“If you can not show young players from the academy, it is best to close the academy. If the young players are not good enough or not good enough exercise, and you can not show the young players, then just close the door and use the money (operational) was to buy players, he said.

You have to prove that the academy pointless. That can only happen if the main coach last long, that at this club in the past 10 years, is impossible. Now I am trying to formRuben Ruben Ruben and others to fit my idea, in his position, Mourinho closes.

Sporting host Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tomorrow early morning. This action is no longer decisive because whatever the outcome, the Blues certainly came out as winners of Group G. It is interesting to look forward to the debut of young players Mourinho‘s first choice.