Liverpool Not Regret Recruit Balotelli

Liverpool Not Regret Recruit Balotelli

LIVERPOOL, Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers, revealed that the club did not have another choice when bringing Mario Balotelli to Anfield in the summer of 2014.

Liverpool poured funds amounting to 20 million euros to recruit Balotelli from AC Milan. Initially, the Italian striker was projected to fill the vacant post left by Luis Suarez.

However, the appearance of Balotelli is currently still considered disappointing. Understandably, the 24-year-old striker has scored just two goals in 14 games total dilakoninya with Liverpool.

Balotelli is currently sidelined with a groin injury. He also threatened absent longer because the English Football Federation (FA) is rumored to be sanctioned for his actions in social media to post photos that smells of racism.

As a club, we then feel recruiting Balotelli is the solution. In the summer, we have Rickie Lambert. Fabio Borini looks 100 percent will go and clear Daniel Sturridge who perform well have started to experience several times wounded,” said Rodgers.

To enter the season without a single one that is ready to be very difficult for us. It would be unfair to make Rickie Lambert, 32-year-old striker, as the only striker we have.”

I feel it is a risk that we take with Balotelli because, as a team, we were not able to do anything else at the time. When it was clearly too late and we needed a player.”

This is something we can not regret it now. I‘ve made it clear from the outset that I have calculated risikoya and that’s why he took the money because of what he did,” he added.