Making Changes Liverpool Better

Making Changes Liverpool Better

LIVERPOOL Victory in the last two games in the Premier League event makes Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers is confident his team a chance to finish in the top four most elite football league final standings in the UK.

The man from Northern Ireland said, he had found the right strategy to restore the performance of the Reds like last season. It took a long time to find the pattern anyarnya game. As is known, Rodgers changed the pattern of the game his team from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 and a new strategy was tried as Liverpool crushed Manchester United at Old Trafford on Sunday (12/14/2014).

In terms of results, the change is not yet satisfactory, but from the side of the game, the team that has won five titles in the Champions League play very tactical with the formation. Rodgers even Sterling originally put up as a winger, instead placed as the main striker in the anyarnya formation.

We have worked hard, spent a lot of time to find the right tactics to be applied in our team. Clearly we have made a breakthrough by installing young winger (Sterling) as the main striker and change it enough to solve our problems so far, he said as quoting Sportsmole, Wednesday (12/31/2014).

If you look at how we played against United, is a pity we conceded a bad way, but the creativity of the game grow in the game. We find the form of the game and play like last season, he concluded.

After a 4-1 victory over Swansea City at Anfield Stadium, Tuesday (12/30/2014) early morning, The Reds are now just five points adrift of the top four which incidentally is the last rations to qualify for the Champions League.