Pogba Requested More Learn More

Pogba Requested More Learn More

Paris Paul Pogba no doubt is one of the young midfielder‘s current potential. However, there are still shortcomings Pogba assessed and asked to learn more, to be the perfect player.

Since moving to Juventus in 2012, Pogba is transformed to be the star player at the age of 21 years. At the club, he immediately become a mainstay for the Bianconeri.

The total was 108 times he performed and accounted for 18 touchdowns. Perhaps Manchester United are leading it to feel sorry to see the performance of the current Pogba.

He did not trouble to cement a place in the French national team squad today, and is expected to be a mainstay of Les Bleus in the European Cup in 2016. He already has 22 caps and five goals.

However, according to the national team coach, Didier Deschamps, Pogba could actually be better than the current appearance. But it takes persistence and kedislipinan of the players.

Moreover, Deschamps assess Pogba sometimes likes to rush to keputusann in the match. Not to mention the young players like him are often swayed by praise and make him low.

At his age he is currently doing a lot of things that other people can not do,” said Deschamps told Football Italia.

I do not want to limit the instinct to attack, but he should understand better when and how to do it. It will make it stronger,” he continued.

He should know how to handle praise and criticism. He does not like to be criticized when at the last World Cup, but it is important for development

He can play in any position in midfield. He knows how to score goals, but he also had to remember how to survive.”
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