Position Three Graded Still Realistic to Milan

Position Three Graded Still Realistic to Milan

Milan Serie A‘s been 13 weeks passed, the performance of AC Milan is still far from consistent. What happened to the Rossoneri are now believed to still make them feasible to set a target entering the Champions League zone.

Armed with a victory over Udinese at the end of last week, Milan now sit in sixth place of the standings. They just within two points from Napoli is in the top three standings.

But victory over Udinese is the first to come Milan in the last five games. Statistics clearly show that the squad made by Filippo Inzaghi is still far from good.

Milan is a work still in progress, but I think it all depends on their own, on Inzaghi and all players. In addition to Juventus and Roma, other rivals lack the continuity, I do not see any club that is on the rise,” said the former Milan player, Demetrio Albertini.

At this moment, all of the team, if they can menemuka balance, can shoot the three positions. Inzaghi get (Riccardo) Montolivo (returning from injury) and that’s the important thing no one seems to have the quality in midfield,” said Albertini Football in Italy.

Just like many former Milan player who commented about Inzaghi and his team today, Albertini also mention that Pippo need be given more time.

I think it‘s important to wait a bit. I’m sure Pippo do not want to be considered as something positive because of his past or considered negative because kekurangpengalamannya. Of course he needs to continue to evolve, there will be a difficult period and we have to see how he deal with it.”

He tried to determine its ability to handle a club, in my opinion, it’s something valid. He has everything to be a great coach, obviously he does not lack when we talk about the spirit and his love for this sport,” complete Albertini.