“Black Saturday” for the Premier League club

"Black Saturday" for the Premier League club

LONDON – A series of surprising results emerged in the fourth round of the FA Cup. Yes, besides Chelsea defeated 2-4 by Bradford City at Stamford Bridge, the other big teams also suffered a similar fate as Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester City.

Indeed, Chelsea’s first two-goal lead through Gary Cahill and Ramires, and deservedly win more easily achieved because of playing at home. However, Bradford fierce resistance and scored four goals at a time subsequent to lock the victory 2-4.

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech admits more appropriate Bradford won the victory, and little blame his team who had been satisfied with a 2-0 advantage. Furthermore, he made was impressed with the spirit of play Phil Parkinson’s troops.

“I was thinking when we were 2-0 up we had a big advantage, but it can be difficult because we actually scored from a situation that is not nothing. While they have some opportunities, “said Cech told BBC Sport on Sunday (25/01/2015).

“We knew it would be difficult and after they scored the equalizer equalizer, we lose control of what we want to do. Today, they are more enthusiastic about the game, “he continued.

In addition to Chelsea as a great team that toppled once knocked out of the FA Cup, the results were also other surprising emerged. Yes, Spurs arrested Leicester City 1-2, then defeated 0-2 by Middlesborough City at Etihad Stadium. Cech pleaded not surprised by it can happen.

“This is the ‘Black Saturday’ (local time) for the Premier League teams. Every year you see results like this in the FA Cup. That’s why I always say this is special, “he explained.