Carrick Give credit to the Defense Cambridge

Carrick Give credit to the Defense Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE – Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick, said that his team must give credit to Cambridge United after they were held to a 0-0 draw in the FA Cup.

Despite dominating the match, United were not able to break down a layered defense that formed Cambridge. Shot after shot United could be stopped by the host which is just after the draw.

“The first half we did not show the best game. In the second half we were able to be better, but the results that make us frustrated and we wanted to get away, but we have a rematch right now,” said Carrick told BBC Sport on Saturday (24/01/2015) .

“It is the FA Cup is not it? We’ve seen things happen and they defended well and made it difficult for us. We have to be better and take risks when they come, but you must give credit to Cambridge,” he continued.

The draw was made a winner must be determined through the fourth round second leg at Old Trafford.