Chelsea play in the Lower Standard

Chelsea play in the Lower Standard

LONDON Chelsea victory of Newcastle United welcomed by their assistant coach, Steve Holland. Even so, Holland still not able to deny the Blues showed the best performance in the game.

In the match held at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (10/01/2015) night, Chelsea successfully won the game with a final score of 2-0 Newcastle. Two goals in the victory of the Roman Emperor comes from Oscar foot in the first half and Diego Costa in the second half.

Although capable of ending the game with a positive achievement, Chelsea appearance touted to be away from their standard. It was revealed directly by Holland after the match against Newcastle is over.

You have to give kudos to Newcastle, I think Steve Carver and Steve Stone has made the game today went very interesting. We did not play well today, but we were able to score two goals, “said Holland, as reported Sportmole, Sunday (11/01/2015).

However, we were able to perform better in the second half and control the game. We also successfully played some good football in the surrounding areas of their defense. You always hope to play well, but sometimes not always successful mewujudkanya, “continued the 44-year-old man.

On this day we passed the 45 minutes where we did not play as usual. However, it is still capable of winning 1-0. It is important when you are not playing well but you still can obtain maximum results. I think it’s good enough, he concluded.