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Mou Speak Problem Sanctions Costa

Mou Speak Problem Sanctions Costa

LONDON – Chelsea striker, Diego Costa, is struggling to make an appeal against the sanction given the Football Association (FA). The sentence was sentenced after the player looks conduct unsportsmanlike attitude towards two penggawa Liverpool in the event the Capital One Cup on Wednesday (01/28/2015) then.

Not only can the Chelsea 1-0 victory in the game, also sanctions addressed to Costa who come later. Based on the observation of an FA disciplinary commission, the Spanish national team striker was seen stepping on toes, Emre Can and Martin Skrtel deliberately.

Although not seen by the referee, but the act of recording video can not be denied again. With fast, direct FA ban compete against Costa for three games.

However, the sentence still be dried by English football federation, considering they gave time to appeal higgga 6 pm local time. The coach, Jose Mourinho gives his views.

“I do not know what you understand the problem of sanctions. I think maybe you’ve been influenced by many parties. I would not use the word that put me in trouble, but I think this time I can not accept the sentence, “Mourinho said, as reported by BT Sport, Friday (01/30/2015).

“There is a campaign on television that made certain figures by saying Diego Costa is a villain. This guy is crazy! I saw the incident. About punishment, I do not speak in a press conference, if I commented I certainly would be in trouble, “added Mourinho.