The Red Devils Revised Target End of Season

The Red Devils Revised Target End of Season

MANCHESTER a 1-0 defeat of Southampton last weekend in the Premier League who tarnish terkalahan Manchester United’s unbeaten record in 11 previous matches, enough to make Louis van Gaal think realistic.

Rather than thinking of champions, as well as the desired Wayne Rooney et al. Van Gaal wants foster children focus to maintain the position of the big four, especially Arsenal, West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur to Liverpool kept surging up in the standings board.

Today, we (United) played 21 games and we are in the top four. We have to fight for it, because a lot of other teams who are also eyeing the same target, said Van Gaal reported Soccerway, Saturday (01/17/2015).

A team that wants to be a champion, according to Van Gaal. Should be able to win away games against teams like Aston Villa and did not reap much defeat at home.

We are intending to become a champion, but for him. You have to win in the match against Southampton and away, against Aston Villa, “said the former spokesman for the Dutch national team tactics.