Van Gaal averse Apply Formation Lawas

Van Gaal averse Apply Formation Lawas

MANCHESTER Louis van Gaal did not seem to want to re-use the old scheme, which is 4-4-2 in games that acted Manchester United. He considers the formations not able to provide a balance in his game.

Since officially taking over the coaching chair United this summer, Van Gaal as well as bringing major changes in the scheme of the Red Devils game. Former Dutch national team coach instantly transform its forces into a 3-5-2 formation.

The changes are in fact not go smoothly, considering in some games early in the season United often get minor results. It is believed to be due to the transition process is fairly quick and not fit with the players.

Insistence that the Red Devils re-use the old 4-4-2 formation was voiced by supporters of United before his visit to the headquarters of Queens Park Rangers (QPR) last weekend. However, it was Van Gaal seemed reluctant to re-implement the strategy.

We’ve been playing with a 4-4-2 scheme in five or six games. We are indeed able to create a lot of chances, but we also conceded a few goals. We need balance in the game, and the strategy was not quite right, “said Van Gaal, as reported by The Mirror, Friday (01/23/2015).

From now on, I must resolutely implement our philosophy of play. Everyone must play according to the philosophy, “added the coach experienced it.