Allegri Never Know What Will Survive Tevez at Juve

Allegri Never Know What Will Survive Tevez at Juve

Turin – Carlos Tevez could leave Juventus claimed before the contract expired. When it is asked to coach Massimiliano Allegri, Allegri admitted to not knowing.

Tevez is currently being targeted by his former club in Argentina, Boca Juniors. Boca hoping to get “El Apache” when his contract with Juventus runs out in 2016.

But, later Boca want faster return Tevez and hope the players have belonged to them next season.

“We hope he comes back to Boca. I would not be surprised if Tevez break his contract with Juventus year early in order to join and play for us,” said President Boca, Daniel Angelici, told Fox Sports.

Tevez is currently the top scorer in Juve. 31-year-old striker has packed 19 goals in all competitions this season.

“Problem Tevez, I can not tell you anything to you,” Allegri said when asked about the future of Tevez.

“He’s training well, he underwent a remarkable season, and I think the rest a few days and individual exercises will be good for him,” added Allegri.

“We’re going to need it, so we prepare him for the second half of the season,” he explained.

“Is he going to spend his contract? I do not know. I live for today, this week, for this season. We must strive to achieve the targets that have been determined by us this season,” said Allegri.

“We will see at the end of the season. But, I think Tevez is a great professional, and most importantly Tevez is a great person. So, we’ll see what happens,” said the former coach of AC Milan and Cagliari this.