Already Win Again, Inter Now Requested Consistent

Already Win Again, Inter Now Requested Consistent

Milan – Inter Milan has been cut off rate of the poor with victory over Palermo. The Nerazzurri are now asked to perform consistently in the rest of the season.

Inter had to be in a negative rate after swallowing three successive defeats in Serie A and Coppa Italia. After the defeat of Torino and Sassuolo, Andrea Ranocchia et al. then removed by Napoli in the Coppa Italia.

The series was interrupted defeat last weekend. Host Palermo in Serie A, Inter won 3-0.

“In football, things change quickly. I do not want to talk about the period before the victory, because it all is past. We have to enjoy this moment and prove we are growing as a team,” said Inter midfielder, Hernanes, as quoted by Football Italia .

“Now we have to be consistent, because that is less than us throughout the season and that’s what made the difference,” said the Brazilian player.

In four games to come, Inter will face Atalanta, Cagliari, and two Europa League match against Celtic. According Hernanes, it is time for Inter to prove themselves.

“This is the time and we were not allowed to make mistakes. In four games, the team must prove themselves. There are seven ‘finals’ for the Europa League and this is a journey that we can finish,” said Hernanes.

“The team focused and confident stare at this challenge,” lugasnya.