Diego Costa: I Am Not Angels

Diego Costa: I Am Not Angels

London – Diego Costa feel guilty even though he was sentenced for being fouled an opponent. Chelsea striker was also never change the aggressive style of game.

Costa banned for three games because of an ankle stepping deliberately considered Emre Can. The incident occurred when Chelsea face Liverpool in the second leg of the League Cup semi-final on Tuesday (1/27/2015) ago.

This penalty can not make Costa played when the Blues undergo a fierce duel with Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Saturday (31/01/2015). Two other games that would be missed by the Spanish national team striker is Chelsea’s trip to Aston Villa (7/2) and supper against Everton (11/2).

Costa claimed to have no intent to injure Can. Even so, he received a sentence that has been handed down to him. He also calls himself not an angel.

“As far as what happened on Tuesday, the main thing is when I go home I can go home and I can sleep knowing that I was doing something wrong because I never intended to do so and it was not intentional,” said Costa told the Daily Telegraph.

“You could see it on video. But, this is the punishment. I have to accept it. Of course I feel sad because I can not help the team, can not play. But, I have to accept it and respect it,” added the former Atletico Madrid .

“I’m not saying I was an angel. I’m not an angel. You can see it. But, every time you play, I’ll play the same way because that’s the way I am. That’s what I need to do to support my family. That’s my bread and butter , “Costa said.

“That’s what I need to do for this club and to the fans of this club, to the fans, and for all the people involved in this club,” he continued.

Costa once again confirms that he is aggressive on the field, do not be afraid to duel or physical collided with an opposing player. He was not going to change his style after his sentence is completed.

“On the field I will always be like that. That’s my character and I will always clash and collide – always. I was a different person off the field, as you can see, but on the pitch I will not change,” he said .

“And I want to say it again: You can see the video and interpret it any way you want. But I know when I go home I can sleep well because I know I did not mean to do,” said Costa.

Costa is Chelsea’s top scorer this season. He’s been with 17 goals in 19 Premier League games.