Print Two Goals in Game Tests, Falcao Still Sharp in Colombia

Print Two Goals in Game Tests, Falcao Still Sharp in Colombia

Bahrain – Radamel Falcao showed that sharpness is not completely lost. Strengthen Colombia in a friendly match, he scored twice and drove timnasnya win big.

Colombia compete face Bahrain in preparation towards the Copa America in the middle of this year. Visit to Bahrain National Stadium on Friday (03/27/2015) pm dawn the visitors won 6-0.

Falcao, the latter more often reserved Louis van Gaal, scoring two goals in just four minutes interval. Two goals in minutes 32 and 34 change the position to be 2-0 and 3-0. Goals from Colombia, who were without James Rodriguez, the other was made by Carlos Bacca, Adrian Ramos, Johan Mojica and Andres Renteria.

Two of these goals became a solace for Falcao marginalized at Old Trafford. Since coming on loan from AS Monaco, new Falcao 19 times a game in the Premier League and incised four goals and five assists in the Premier League.

Ration play former Atletico Madrid striker is now getting a bit. In the last three Premier League matches Falcao only got to perform for 14 minutes. Conditions that make rumors he will leave in the summer is already gusting.

A few days ago Falcao himself has announced that he wants to be in the club that gave him plenty of rations play.

At the national team level, Falcao now has a collection of 23 goals from 55 appearances in the international arena.