Agent: Tevez Focus to Juve, not matter Back to Boca

Agent: Tevez Focus to Juve, not matter Back to Bca

Turin – Later Carlos Tevez is being bullied issue about him going back to Boca Juniors as the season ended. The news was denied by the agent who insists Tevez just focus entirely to Juventus.

This news appeared shortly after Tevez statement earlier this week that calls he wanted to return to Boca, his first professional club, and retire there.

The statement was greeted by the president of Boca, Daniel Angelici, who called his club would be able to bring Tevez at the end of this season. Naturally, if Angelici said so because the 31-year contract itself will expire in 2016.

If not reached agreement on a new contract, then Tevez could leave for free next year or sold in the summer.

However, the rumor was then denied by the agent Adrian Ruocco Argentine footballer. Ruocco said that Tevez just focus on completing his contract with Juve advance plus bring the Turin club won three trophies this season.

“He has played a sentiment hand fans, both fans of Boca and Juve,” said Ruocc told Radio La Red as quoted by Soccerway.

“The only thing that is certain is Tevez wants to honor his contract with Juventus. We do not want to add more pressure to Tevez at key moments this season for him and Juventus,” he continued.

“Everyone already knows that Tevez will retire in Boca and there is no doubt in it.”
“However, he will definitely go back there, but we’ll see when it’s time, because he is under contract until today, that is until 2016,” he concluded.