Balanced Milan Sampdoria 1-1

Balanced Milan Sampdoria 1-1

Milan – AC Milan failed to maximize the opportunity to play at home. Milan to be satisfied with the achievement of the figures after draw with Sampdoria with the score 1-1.

Host Sampdoria at the San Siro, Monday (04/13/2015) pm dawn, Milan appear to dominate and create more opportunities. Rossoneri releasing 26 shots and six of them on target. Sampdoria respond by 11 shots and three that led to the goal.

After the first half ended goalless, Sampdoria ahead with a shot Roberto Soriano in the 58th minute. Milan equalized after Nigel de Jong scored in the 74th minute.

With this draw, Milan finished eighth in the Serie A standings with a collection of 42 points from 30 parties. Sampdoria sit in sixth place with 49 points.

The game

In the 11th minute, trial Samuel Eto’o has not led to a goal for Sampdoria. Distance shots Eto’o could be anticipated by Milan goalkeeper Diego Lopez.

Three minutes later, Milan turns threatened by Marco van Ginkel. Van Ginkel kick towards the far post forcing Sampdoria goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano, perform rescue. Not long after, Van Ginkel again get a chance, but shot wide.

Eto’o again get a chance when the game entered the 22nd minute. However, this time his shot was off the mark.

In the final minutes of the first half, Alessio Cerci likely bring Milan the lead. Bad luck for him, shot from the front of the box is still hovering over the bar.

After the first half ended goalless, Eder endanger Milan goal on 53 minutes. His hard shot from outside the box leads to the bottom corner of the goal, but can be countered by Lopez.

The deadlock finally broken in the 58th minute. Sampdoria 1-0 with a goal by Soriano. Eto’o had a large role in the creation of these goals. He cleverly send feedback to Soriano through between two legs Philippe Mexes. Unmarked Soriano was calmly struck the ball into the goal without stopping Lopez.

Entering the 74th minute, Mexes has a great chance to equalize the score. He headed home a corner results Giacomo Bonaventura, but his efforts were thwarted Alfred Duncan, who was standing on the goal line. Milan also get a corner again.

From the corner that, Milan managed to equalize to 1-1. De Jong who was standing near the poles do an overhead kick. Viviano is actually already in the right position to anticipate the ball shot De Jong. However, the round leather changed direction and into the goal after hitting the foot of Duncan.

Milan almost turned the lead in the 83rd minute. Suso who stood curled a shot penalty box, but his shot only hit the goalpost.

Until the end of the game, the score did not change. Both teams also share a number.

AC Milan: Diego Lopez; Abate (De Sciglio 71 ‘), Paletta, Mexes, Antonelli; Van Ginkel, De Jong, Bonaventura; Cerci (Suso 62 ‘), Destro (Pazzini 77’), Menez

Sampdoria: Viviano; De Silvestri (Wszołek 88 ‘), Silvestre, Romagnoli, Mesbah; Palombo, Obiang; Eder, Soriano (Duncan 66 ‘), Eto’o; Okaka (Muriel 73 ‘)