Bee Taechaubol Want Majority Shares in Milan

Bee Taechaubol Want Majority Shares in Milan

Bangkok – Bee Taechaubol ambition to have the AC Milan did not mess around. The proof that the Thai entrepreneurs not only want to have 20 or 65 percent, but a majority stake in the club was nicknamed the Rossoneri’s body.

Bee has since some time busy discussed in Italy after Milan’s interest to acquire from Silvio Berlusconi. Although the middle of the club’s financial condition is not good, Silvio adamant about not selling the club and repeatedly denied any negotiations with Bee.

But earlier this week it emerged that Bee is ready to make a purchase of the club’s IPO by 20 percent. This weekend called Bee will fly to Milan to finish.

Even the number of shares could increase to 65 percent in 2016. However, the number does not seem to make Bee satisfied because he wanted mendapatkah greater percentage of shares in Milan.

“He wants to be able to buy all the shares as soon as possible a majority in this club,” said a spokeswoman for Bee to ANSA quoted by Football Italia.

Milan itself is rumored to be worth 1 billion euros in the market.