If So Selling Pogba, Juve Requested Spend Money Wisely

If So Selling Pogba, Juve Requested Spend Money Wisely

Turin – If Paul Pogba did want to leave Juventus, then the price of around 100 million euros to be provided by each club. With the money for it later, ‘The Mistress’ is expected to spend it with the right.

Future Pogba has so far kept speculated, as the interest of many European clubs to the Frenchman. Naturally, considering the performance Pogba since coming to Juve two years ago.

Until now there has been no definitive word on whether it will sell Juve Pogba or not. However, that is definitely going to need a big budget to any club that wants to bring the former Manchester United player.

“We have a five-year contract with Juventus, but we are now both grown and if the right offer came for Pogba, then the deal will happen,” said Pogba agent, Mino Raiola, as quoted by Football Italia.

With approximately 100 million euros, which was mentioned a price Pogba, Juve could build a more resilient team by Raiola. However it can be achieved if the Bianconeri to spend money wisely Pogba sales.

“But the most important is how Juve will build a team again with the money. If misused it in the next two years, we can assess their own missteps,” he continued.

“You have to keep the changes when you are still at the top, and not only in conditions of forced. Next season they could buy four or five players.”

“Remember when Zinedine Zidane sold. In between (Paris St-Germain Edinson) Cavani and (Palermo Paulo) Dybala, I would choose Dybala. I fear Cavani rather high salaries,” said he.