Mancini: Load Bigger There are at Inter

Mancini: Load Bigger There are at Inter

Milan – derby will be held this weekend. For allenatore Inter Milan, Roberto Mancini, his burden is greater than AC Milan in the face of the game.

Inter and Milan are both undergoing season unpleasant. Both are struggling in mid-table and trouble compete at the top. Until the 30th week, Inter is in tenth while Milan is one level above it.

Chase tickets for the Europa League was fairly heavy for both teams despite the opportunities have not been fully closed. Sampdoria who was ranked fifth or deadline for the euro zone had 50 points.

Therefore, arguably the derby this weekend will be a matter of pride. Not a few have that considers the derby this weekend as the savior of the season for both teams.

In a match that will be played on Monday (04/20/2015) pm dawn, Inter will act as the home team. According to Mancini, it makes the Nerazzurri so larger loads.

“Derby is an important game, although it is now more ‘small’ compared to previous years. As far as we know, this must be the foundation for us to re-jump,” Mancini said as quoted by Football Italia.

“Who is more loss (if lost)? Inter was the home team, so you could say it will be worse for us if you lose, but in reality the situation is very similar.”

“It’s not easy to play in Milan, because there is more pressure than at away games. We have to try to change some things and make playing in front of their own supporters into a source of strength,” he added.