Ospina: Arsenal Eligible Degree

Ospina: Arsenal Eligible Degree

London – Arsenal still have a pretty good chance to close the season with a title. The Gunners goalkeeper David Ospina, believes his team is able to realize it.

Arsenal so far still have a chance to champion in two competitions. The best chance is in the FA Cup, where they looked at the semi-final match counter Reading. This means that the children of north London just two matches of the trophy.

Another opportunity is in the Premier League, although not as good as in the FA Cup. In the standings board, Arsenal are in second position with a value of 66 of the 32 weeks. Them within seven points of Chelsea at the top that still keep one extra game.

Having won last season’s FA Cup, Arsenal certainly determined to regain the title this time.

“This season is still not over. Arsenal are an outstanding team, one of the best in the world, so we deserve to win a variety of things,” said Ospina told the London Evening Standard.

Lodging in the Premier League, Ospina admitted they rely on other clubs opportunities. Therefore, the Colombian international goalkeeper insists his team just focus finish the season as best as possible and bring them to see the results where.

“Without thinking about the title, because everything goes step by step, we hope to do my best to bring this club in a decent position occupied. We have an outstanding group with outstanding players as well,” he said.

“The most important thing for us is to concentrate on our game as we currently do. I think in the Premier League, the game is the next most difficult,” said Ospina.