Share Concentration and European League, Allegri: Juve Sign Crucial Period

Share Concentration and European League, Allegri: Juve Sign Crucial Period

Turin – Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri assess weeks are crucial times in an effort to secure the Scudetto. Therefore, Mistress also being fought in the Champions League.

The first test of the Bianconeri are facing Lazio at Juventus Stadium on Sunday (19/04/2015) pm dawn. Lazio is in a collection rate that is okay with the recent eight-game winning streak.

Position in the standings board also automatically boosted. Le Aquile ranks second with a distance of 12 points from Juve who pocketed 70 points.

In addition, a fitness Juve are also being tested. Therefore, in the middle of the week they are scheduled to face AS Monaco in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

After that, three games in Serie A as well. Successively, scheduled to meet Torino Juve, Fiorentina, Sampdoria.

“Of course it’s game (against Lazio) would be a gamble, so since we were so standings and they both. They had a remarkable season was unusual because no one imagined that they could occupy the second position at the start of the season,” said Allegri told Football Italy.

“They recorded eight consecutive wins, so tomorrow will be a game that is worth to be Scudetto.

“Right when we lead the standings board with considerable distance points, but we also still leaves the games difficult and important. I think this season will be determined from the game from now until the weekend against Sampdoria in the 34th because we will be playing in Serie A, as well as the Champions League in midweek, “said Allegri.