Juventus in Serie A 2014/2015: Stable and Hard Terminated

Juventus in Serie A 2014/2015: Stable and Hard Terminated

Genoa – Juventus unstoppable in the last four seasons. For the fourth time in a row, they emerged as champions of Serie A. This season too, Juventus fairly difficult to stop.

Juventus immediately step on the gas once the season starts. Devoured their first six games with a victory with a record of 13 goals and conceded only two goals. Only in the seventh week they faltered, it was “only” limited draw, namely 1-1 by Sassuolo.

Juventus first defeat occurred in the ninth week, where they were defeated 0-1 by Genoa. After that defeat, Juventus cruised undefeated 20 weeks.

During the 20 weeks, the club won 14 wins and 6 draws. They had lost again at week 30, which is on the 11th April, where they lost 0-1 to Parma.

The Bianconeri then had lost 1-2 to Torino in the Turin derby, 26th of April, but then rose with two wins in a row, which is 3-2 over Fiorentina and Sampdoria 1-0.

1-0 victory over Sampdoria that’s what makes them lock the title this season.

“We topped the standings from the first day until today. Indeed, we stumble a few times, but it is inevitable. A team will not lose its characteristics just because one draw or lose one,” said the Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, in Football Italy.