Key Juve Scudetto time

Key Juve Scudetto time

Only need a draw to ensure the Serie A title this season, Juventus have a chance to start a party at the headquarters of Sampdoria on Saturday (05/02/2015) evening hrs. There is no reason for ‘The Great Lady’ slip.

For Juve can determine the staring match with a relatively relaxed and without pressure means. Besides just need a draw, they are also not being under threat stalking anyone because Lazio were trailing by 14 points.

While Sampdoria, despite undergoing an impressive season so far with a perch in the top five while, being in a bad rate. Foster children Sinisa Mihajlovic has never won in the last five games, balanced three times and losing twice.

Juve getting the upper hand if you look at the record of the meeting. Although swallowing two defeats in the last five meetings, none swallowed in three latest duel. In three of these games, they won twice and drawn once.

If ‘The Mistress of the’ swallow the bitter defeat of Sampdoria result was the champion door is not completely closed. If Lazio did not win over Atalanta at the Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia on Sunday (3/5) night, the troops remained Massimiliano Allegri will be overtaken in the rest of the season.

If this scenario occurs, although Juve lost throughout the match remaining, the value of 76 will not be overtaken by Lazio maximum only scored 75. While Rome has been ascertained knocked out of the competition since losing head to head from Juve, even had a chance to equal the score points children Turin.

Seeing this situation, the fourth title in a row would arguably already in the palm of one hand Juve. If you can make sure the title this weekend, they will be more comfortable concentration to another tournament the Champions League and Coppa Italia.

Lazio itself may be more concentrated to secure the position of the pursuit of city rivals Roma, considering both are just within one digit. Roma also just get a good momentum after not winning in three games in a row to frustrate Sassuolo 3-0

The other party, Napoli will face AC Milan at the San Paolo, Monday (4/5) morning pm. Partenopei, which first will travel to Empoli on Friday (1/5) pm dawn later, certainly will continue to exert pressure to Rome. Rafael Benitez foster children currently in fourth position with a value of 56 of the 32 weeks, five points behind Roma who play one more.