Wenger to Mourinho: Neighbor Manager Should Respect

Wenger to Mourinho: Neighbor Manager Should Respect

London – Jose Mourinho behind Arsenal after Chelsea satirical play called boring by fans of the Gunners. Mourinho’s insinuation get responses from Arsene Wenger.

After a goalless draw with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, April 26, Chelsea yelled at ‘boring, boring Chelsea’ by the host fans. It was motivated ways to play the Blues, who were impressed not insistent pursuit of victory and satisfied with a draw.

Hearing team called boring, turning then quipped Arsenal Mourinho in the press conference after the match.

“You know, I think boring is 10 years without a title. It’s so boring. You support the club and you wait, wait, wait very long without a Premier League title, so it was very boring,” he said.

Mourinho referenced in his comments of course Arsenal, who have again won the Premier League since last grab in 2004.

In the eyes of Wenger, Mourinho remark above is inappropriate. According to him, Mourinho has shown disrespect to the opposing team.

“The biggest thing of the manager is to respect each other and some people still have to improve his attitude about it,” Wenger said when asked about Mourinho’s comments.

“Every person living with personal problems of each. I live with my personal problems and it was enough,” added the man who has become the manager of Arsenal since 1996.

“You always know that you have to control yourself and stay in control, polite, and respectful. But, of course, sometimes you feel there are people who do not respect you,” said Wenger on Soccerway.