“United Will Get a Degree Season”

"United Will Get a Degree Season"

LONDON Former Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand feel very confident that the Red Devils will achieve success this season. In fact, the 36-year-old players believe United will embrace at least one title at the end of the season.

United themselves in this season rolling it had showed minor performance early in the season. However, the negative achievement slowly but surely began to disappear from the squad Louis van Gaal’s. In fact, now they are third in the Premier League standings table with a gain of 32 points from 17 matches.

Seeing this, makes Ferdinand had come to give comments on the positive changes to the performance of United. The former Leeds United was also even feel confident that the Red Devils will be successful at the end of this season.

Six months ago I thought you might expect them to come in (zone) Champions League. Now, look at them, I think they would be able to finish in the top three, and enter the Champions League zone and get one trophy at the end of the season, “said Ferdinand told Sky Sports, Friday (12/26/2014).

The third position (which they occupy) at this time. If they can continue the pace that they have. I’m sure they can finish in second or first position. However, I think the Champions League is something that they want now, “said the player nicknamed The Snoop it.

He (Van Gaal) has gone through a difficult start, but the players now look even better and have an understanding of what Van Gaal want, you can see from the results obtained in the last six or seven games. And now, The Return of Michael Carrick be a positive value for them, tuntasnnya.