Reluctant to Talk Scudetto, Florenzi Focus Live Game One by One

Reluctant to Talk Scudetto, Florenzi Focus Live Game One by One

Rome – Roma midfielder Alessandro Florenzi realistic staring team trip this time. Do not want to lost focus, Florenzi reluctant to talk about the chances of Rome became champions of Serie A.

Rome began to lag behind Juventus following a series of minor results achieved in Serie A after the turn of the year. Four draws which was obtained in a row make I Lupi are now seven points behind Juve in the standings.

The results were called Florenzi not separated from the storm that hit his injury. Rome also called not provide maximum performance on the pitch.

“Our poor performance? There are many factors, which increase gradually. Injuries and fitness no peak, we do not show that terbauk and we do not give 100 percent,” said Florenzi as quoted by Football Italia.

Seven points behind Juve until week-22, Rome began predicted to be difficult to reach the championship ladder. On the other hand, Napoli ranked third also began to threaten once able to cut the distance to Rome to just four points.

Problem chance Rome champion, Florenzi reluctant to say much. 23-year-old player just wants to focus through the game one by one.

“The second position or the Scudetto? We’re just going to face matches one by one, without making calculations to return to Rome that before,” said Florenzi.

“Realistically, we will try to fight in all competitions (Serie A and Europa League) as long as we can,” he added.